Service partners

Shandong Quality Exports (SQEL) offers a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on its blades to turbine owners who engage a Designated Service Partner (DSP) to fit the blades and maintain their turbines. Our DSPs are

Boston Renewables
DC21 Group

We are working with SQEL to identify further reputable UK service providers interested in becoming a DSP. DSPs are selected on the basis of an appraisal of the competence of their service teams, the quality of their management and their ability to obtain other parts needed to maintain and repair turbines without risk to the blades.

Interested in becoming a DSP? Please contact us.

Companies taking over a DSP, by direct acquisition of the share capital or by acquisition of the DSP’s assets, will automatically retain the designation for 6 months following the takeover after which period DSP status will lapse unless renewed by the new owner.