About us

We work with suitably skilled and experienced service partners to provide critical replacement parts, support and maintenance to owners of Endurance E-series and X-series turbines in the UK and mainland Europe. Our aim is to provide and fit critical replacements as rapidly as possible and at a reasonable price. We are investing in establishing inventory in the UK so that our customers don’t have to.

Sadly Endurance Wind Power is no longer producing turbines and the company’s failure has created a number of headaches for owners and insurers of their machines, one of these being a concern about how to obtain high-quality replacement blades once the small stock left over from Endurance’s inventory runs out.

With this in mind we have put in place a supply contract with our owners Shandong Quality Export Limited (SQEL) who made many of the flat-root blades currently in use on the UK E-series fleet and who have already invested in developing their own replacement circular-root blade. Because of this prior investment SQEL are now able to manufacture circular-root blades to order. On receipt of your order we have your blade set manufactured and shipped to the UK where we make it available for collection from premises near Liverpool Port.

Our blades come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty provided that the turbine on which they have been fitted is maintained throughout the five years by one of their Designated Service Partners. We sell blades in matched sets of three with centres of gravity in the same position to minimise vibrational loading on the turbine as the rotor turns. We also provide steel monopole towers for the E-series and X-series turbines and several of the other larger parts our partners require including generators.

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