Blades direct

We are now pleased to offer replacement circular-root blades for the E3120 wind turbine direct to turbine owners. We have arrangements in place with Designated Service Providers (DSPs) allowing us to supply and install a brand new set of blades anywhere in the UK. These blades are made in an ISO-accredited factory in China which also manufactures thousands of blades for larger machines each year. The manufacturer offers a five-year product warranty.

Our price will be in the region £36,500 + VAT installed, with small variations depending on site location and accessibility. This assumes that the rest of the turbine is in good order and that the blade replacement does not reveal the need for hub repair, replacement of sleeves, etc. It also assumes we are replacing existing circular-root blades; if the turbine was previously fitted with flat-root (paddle) blades we will need to fit a synchroniser and three tie rods at an additional cost of £1,535 + VAT. Please contact us for a quotation.

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